coffee ethic objective:


Helping people believe in their ability to succeed | #tastesgoodtodogood


Grounded in ethics.

We're called 'Coffee Ethic' because our service is grounded in ethical and social values, supporting people to grow in confidence and gain new skills. Our charity, Druglink, set up Coffee Ethic in 2011 as reintegration to work and society is vital for well-being and relapse prevention. All our profit is reinvested into Druglink.


Driving opportunity.

We offer the chance to learn essential life skills and build confidence through volunteering. We welcome anyone who needs our help - people living with illness, disability or addiction, or those simply looking for a new opportunity. Our training programme includes full barista training, food hygiene, first aid and customer service. Our volunteers receive a 'passport' which is designed to suit individual need, tracking training progress and personal growth.


Benefiting individuals and communities.

We want our volunteers to fulfill their potential and we work together to overcome the effects of addiction, including fear, exclusion, insecurity and loneliness. We also want to increase understanding and awareness around recovery within local communities by highlighting the benefits of our reintegration programme.


On wheels.

Our mobile vehicle travels to  events and festivals, and is available for private hire. Find out more.





1 february 2018

Coffee Ethic was a finalist in the biz4biz Awards 2018, in the Best Corporate and Social Responsibility category.  The award is for a business in the community that contributes to sustainable development by delivering economic, social and environmental benefits. TWe're delighted to have to have been part of this prestigious award. 

24 JULY 2017

Coffee Ethic was a finalist in the 2017 Hertfordshire Life Food and Drink Awards in the category: Service to the Community. The award looks for food and/or drink-led initiatives that aim to inspire and educate local communities and we're delighted that the work carried out by Coffee Ethic was recognised by this prestigious award.