Aiding drug & alcohol recovery for 30 years

Druglink's objective is to make a positive impact on the lives of those affected by substance misuse, their families & communities. We achieve this through our Pathway of Prevention, Recovery & Reintegration.


Druglink is a registered charity that was set up in 1984 to meet the increasing need to support people affected by substance misuse, both drug and alcohol. We are based in Hertfordshire, but offer support across the UK. 

We don't just offer a short-term rehabilitation plan, we focus on the reintegration of our clients into their local communities, making us a unique treatment organisation. We strive to give people with substance misuse problems the chance to build a better future.  

We want to help build awareness around substance addiction in order to increase understanding in local communities. An increase in public awareness will help us grow our service and reduce problems related to drug and alcohol misuse within the community.

We provide a range of integrated services that drive our Pathway, all aimed at meeting our objective.

Our core services include Druglink Prevention, Oxygen Recovery and Coffee Ethic.