Our history.

Coffee Ethic is a social enterprise helping people looking to build self-confidence, self-esteem and skills through work experience and training. Any profits made are re-invested back into the development of Coffee Ethic as well as into our local community by our charity, Druglink.

As reintegration is so vital for wellbeing and relapse prevention, in 2011 we set up Coffee Ethic. Coffee Ethic provides fair trade coffee, tea, hot chocolate and snacks, and offers vulnerable people the chance to learn new skills and build confidence through a programme of training and personal development.

We opened our first Coffee Cart in the Civic Centre in Hemel Hempstead in 2011 and quickly opened carts in other locations. Today we continue to run our cart in St Albans Civic Centre and we continue to develop our mobile vehicles, our van and Tuk Tuk visiting fetes, festivals and markets both locally and further afield.

Coffee At Home logo on red background.jpg

In 2017 we launched Coffee at Home where we sell freshly grounded coffee and beans at local markets and within a small online Etsy store. All our coffee is fair trade and organic and we work with a local roaster to ensure quality and consistency in flavour and strength.

Download the Coffee Ethic flyer.